NHInsider.com launched on January 7th, 2005 to provide those interested in New Hampshire politics with an extensive and all inclusive news source.

The founder of the site, Stephen DeMaura, a NH resident, as well as others involved in its beginning felt that there was a lack of coverage, commentary and discussion regarding NH politics and policy.

Since founding the site DeMaura has stepped aside and NH Insider is now edited and maintained daily by a coalition of volunteers and political junkies just like you. NHInsider.com is fully owned and operated by residents of the state of NH. NHInsider is a 'Multi-Partisan' not a 'Non-Partisan' website, our Bloggers have strong views and stances on issues and they rarely agree with each other.

If you have a news scoop, an interesting comment, would like to advertise with us or have nothing better to do e-mail us at NHINSIDER@myway.com.