Feingold and Warner Seen as Possibles for '08

"The buzz about a possible Feingold for President campaign in 2008 is getting stronger," Madison-based columnist John Nichols wrote in The Nation.

A news paper in his homestate of Wisconsin recently wrote about him. "The self-styled maverick won by 12 percentage points, received more votes than any other statewide candidate in Wisconsin history and performed more than 143,000 votes better here than Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry, who squeaked to victory in the state by little more than 11,000 votes. With the state so divided politically, Feingold's feat amounted to a landslide."

The Sentinel went on to describe how he is a hero to some liberals because,"he has opposed the Bush administration on just about everything, from the Iraq war, free trade and environmental regulation to abortion rights, education policy and changes in Medicare law."

Recently a website dedicated to Drafting Feingold for President was launched (www.draftruss.com) by Charlie Wishman an Iowa food-bank volunteer and his friend Eric Hungerford.  "I think Russ Feingold is exactly the type of candidate that the Democratic Party needs," Wishman said.

There have also been other rumors  that Democratic Virginia Governor Mark Warner who will be ending his term at the end of '05, due to a term limit , is considering a run for the White House. Some say though that he will consider a Senate run in '06 instead though.  The Washington Post recently wrote about him, "A multimillionaire entering his final year as governor of a conservative, Southern state, Warner has cultivated an image of fiscal discipline and bipartisanship that is catapulting him into the ranks of "the mentioned" among Democrats. Many assume he will run for the U.S. Senate in 2006. Some believe he will make a bid to be president in 2008. A few people close to him say he wants to be governor again someday."