The Commish

Ever since there was an opening at the Department of Education there have been grumblings about who would be Nicholas Donahue' s replacement.  After it was clear that Gov. Bensons appointment would not pass the Executive Council other names began to float around. Someone that has been mentioned recently is Manchester Mayor Bob Baines.  Some say that he has been lobbying for the position.  It is unclear whether Mayor Baines would give up his relatively safe seat in City Hall to head to Concord but if he did it would throw the  Mayors race  into the "who knows" category.

UPDATE: reports the following- "Gov. John Lynch didn't reveal to many details abot who his might tap for education commissioner, his first major nomination.

Lynch told reporters Wednesday that he was talking with business and education leaders to see what qualities they would like to see in the new education commissioner, but he didn't say much beyond that.

Rumors have suggested that Manchester Mayor Bob Baines, former Dover Mayor Will Boc, Republican state school board member John Lyons are among those being considered."