Stuck on the plane

An Interesting piece of Tom Fahey's State House Dome:

Terminal delays: Gov. John Lynch played in his personal version of Tom Hanks‘ “The Terminal” on Wednesday.

Lynch started at Manchester Airport, scheduled to fly to Ronald Reagan National Airport for Presidential inauguration festivities. That flight was canceled, so Lynch booked himself on a flight to Baltimore on Southwest Airlines. A couple of delays later, the plane took off, just as officials in Massachusetts were notifying New Hampshire that the FBI had warned them to be on the lookout for four suspected Chinese terrorists. By the time Lynch’s staff reached him, he was on the ground in Baltimore.

Forget inaugural balls, even a party with finger food. He had to stay put and book a flight back to New Hampshire to oversee response to any crisis the terror warning might bring.

That flight was, you may have guessed, delayed. The governor got home about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“He never got out of the airport,” said press secretary Pamela Walsh.