DNC candidate Frost refuses to take position on NH primary

Politics NH reports that "Former U.S. Rep. Martin Frost (D-Texas), who is campaigning to be the next DNC chair, tells a blogger in his home state he will "withhold judgement" on the presidential nomination calendar until a DNC commission finishes their work."

Frost spoke with the Burnt Orange Report, a Democratic Texas blog (check out the site for the full interview):

Q: What is your position on the order of the Democratic Presidential primary races? Should Iowa and New Hampshire retain their "first in the nation status", or should there be reform?

Frost: This is a serious issue that requires fairness from the new Chair. There is a substantive and competent commission working on this issue, and because I do not want to unfairly affect their work, I will withhold judgment until hearing from them.

"According to the National Journal's tally of DNC voting members Frost is in second place behind Howard Dean for party chair.Dean says he supports Iowa's and New Hampshire's "First in the nation" status. The only DNC candidate opposed to it is Simon Rosenberg."