The Granite Status

John Distaso in the Granite Status reports:

  • Robert and Kenneth Hart filed a civil suit claiming that they are part-owners because the moey invested was from a joint trust fund intended for all three sons.  Richard Hart says that they were never intended to be owners.
  • Senate Finance Committee Chairman withdrwas a bill that would legalize poker games at states race tracks. He says he withdrew the bill because he was to busy heading the all important Finance Committee.
  • "House Speaker Douglas Scamman is dealing with a personal confrontation between two House members for the first time in his new tenure."
  • The trial of Jim Tobin, indicted for jamming a telephone bank on election day has been postponed for four months.
  • Rep. Smokey Smith is still around the Capital
  • Colin Van Ostern is back in New Hampshire after working for Sen. Kerry in Iowa.