Kerry asks Democrats to help defeat Romney

Dan Ring of the Springfield Republican reports that Sen. John Kerry has sight his eyes on defeating Massachusetts  Gov. Mitt Romney.

"Last year, Romney stumped for President George W. Bush and ripped Kerry when Kerry was the Democratic candidate for president. Romney accused Kerry of waffling on the war in Iraq and for voting for tax hikes nearly 100 times."

"Taking up Massachusetts politics for the first time since he lost to Bush on Nov. 2, Kerry sent an e-mail to thousands of supporters, urging them to work at the grassroots for the state party."

"Here in Massachusetts, we have many important battles to fight in the next several years, beginning with re-electing Ted Kennedy to the United States Senate and winning back the governor's seat in 2006," Kerry wrote in the e-mail. "The Massachusetts Democratic Party needs your help to build a winning field operation all across the state and to help ensure statewide victories in 2006."