Republicans keep pressure on Sullivan and Democrats

Sources tell NH Insider that the Republican State committee has plans to keep pressure on Kathy Sullivan, the Democratic Party State Chair, and the Democratic Party for an incident involving campaign sign stealing on the night of November 6th, 2005.

As told in news accounts the Baines for Mayor Campaign Manager Geoff Wetrosky took Guinta for Mayor and state GOP signs that he believed to be illegally placed and brought them to the house of Kathy Sullivan. The police were notified and they confronted Mr. Wetrosky at the home of Sullivan.

In a recent press release Republican state party chair Warren Henderson said,” Kathy Sullivan’s response to this shameful situation has been all too predictable. She denies any involvement in the situation, as if Mr. Wetrosky brought the stolen campaign signs to her house by mistake. She attacks the victim, a standard ploy from the Democrats’ Dirty Tricks playbook. For the citizens of New Hampshire however, it is Ms. Sullivan’s admission that Democrats approve of wholesale campaign sign theft so long as those thefts can be later explained away that is most disappointing. A New Hampshire Union-Leader report of the incident stated ‘Sullivan said Wetrosky believed he removed signs that were illegally posted on public property.’ That flimsy excuse is no reason for the state Democrat leader to condone wholesale campaign sign theft. ”

Henderson adds,” Kathy, the campaign manager for the Democrat Mayor of Manchester was caught by Manchester City Police in your front yard with campaign signs belonging to the Guinta campaign and the NH GOP. You should be saying Geoff Wetrosky made a mistake, that he showed bad judgment, that you don’t condone his actions and that you will cooperate with the investigation. Stealing campaign signs hurts people who often have no other way to make a political statement. Encouraging sign theft robs them of that precious right. It’s still not too late to do the right thing.”