Ayotte to challenge Bass?

Patrick Hynes writes about a possible challenge to Congressman Bass by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte on his web site Ankle Biting Pundits:

A fun rumor is circulating around my native New Hampshire.

Some conservatives are whispering that New Hampshire’s rock star Attorney General Kelly Ayotte – who just finished testifying before the Supreme Court of the United States in a major abortion case – may challenge Congressman Charlie Bass – he of the “it’s time to govern from the middle” nonsense – in the Republican primary next year.

Once again, it is important to point out this is merely a rumor. Moreover, I personally suspect it is little more than conservative projection; wishful thinking if you will. But damn it’d be fun.

Very little is known about AG Ayotte’s personal politics. As AG she has been a true blue conservative. Her mother is a well known lobbyist in New Hampshire’s capitol city of Concord. Ayotte’s husband served in Iraq, I believe, and only recently came home.

While New Hampshire’s powerful statewide paper the Union Leader would almost certainly endorse Ayotte, most seasoned observers agree she would have a devil of a time raising the necessary resources to challenge a GOP incumbent from a wealthy patrician family such as Bass.