What's new in New Hampshire?

ABC's The Note writes: "There's a new governor (John Lynch) with a new state education plan (to be unveiled tomorrow) that just might end the state's long-running crisis/political sideshow; there's a newly remodeled Courtyard by Marriott near the airport (don't get too excited); there's a new riverside minor league ballpark down the street from WMUR; and there are some new ethnic restaurants on Elm Street in Manchester."

"But the newest things in New Hampshire this weekend were John Edwards' stump speech and his missing mole. "

"Newsweek's Melinda Henneberger sat down Edwards for a look at what else he's up to — and discovers, among other things, that he and Sen. Kerry stay in close touch. "

"Note how interesting it is that Newsweek's photographer just happened to tag along when the Senator took in a high school basketball game in the Granite State Friday night with those adorable tykes of his."