Hagel to NH

Politics NH first reported that "New Hampshire GOP State Sen. Bob O'Dell recently asked Hagel about speaking on several state college campuses, Hagel's spokesman, Mike Buttry, said Thursday."

"O'Dell, who is close to Hagel, was approached by an official in the state's university system, Buttry said."

"It is something we're looking at to try to schedule," Buttry said. "It is something we're interested in."

"If the Nebraska Republican visits the Granite State , it will be the first time since disclosing last summer that he will consider a 2008 run for the GOP presidential nomination...At the GOP National Convention in New York City last year, Hagel spoke to both New Hampshire and Iowa Republicans. He recently dropped by to chat with some Manchester , N.H. , Chamber of Commerce officials who were visiting the U.S. Capitol."

You can find the link in the Omaha-World Herald.