Barbour for President

According to Washington Whispers Gov. Haley Barbour is looking at a Presidential run. “yup, the very same sweet-talking pol who used to chair the Republican National Committee wants to run for president, say friends who give him fair odds.”

They say that main strength is that “As a former Reagan political aide, lobbyist, and GOP boss from 1993 to 1997, he's got a fat Rolodex filled with names of backers and donors.”

“The Yazoo City, Miss., native is also very popular with his folk and even the national media, who never tire of his southern sayings--or snacks and drinks in his office. The drawbacks: He's up for re-election a year before the presidential race, and he doesn't have the national following of front-runners like Sen. John McCain and ex-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani . But pals say those hurdles are no different from the ones cleared by another obscure southern governor-- Jimmy Carter .”