Democrats pack house at Bass Town Halls

The New Hampshire Republican party has sent out an e-mail saying that " Democrats are organizing protests to oppose Social Security reform at the Town Meetings being sponsored by Congressman Bass around the 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Bass wants to open dialog with his constituents on Social Security and other important issues. Democrats deny that there is a problem with the Social Security system and are trying to shout down thoughtful discussion about its reform. "

Henderson, the e-mails author, urges Republicans to attend the meeting and support Bass and " Make sure that Democrats who blindly oppose President Bush’s reforms at these Town Meetings say what specific reforms that they DO support. Don’t let the Democrats negativity defeat positive Republican reforms and bold initiatives."

According to the same e-mail the town hall meetings that remain are:

Monday, Monday 21st

Epsom Town Hall
27 Black Hill Road

Hillsborough Police Station
22 Dump Road

Thursday, March 24th

Marlborough Town Office
236 Main Street