Mass.'s Gov. May Be Eyeing Political Gigs

Steve LeBlanc of the Associated Press reports that " Maybe it's the problem-plagued Big Dig highway project or the state's reputation as a hotbed of Kennedy liberalism, but Massachusetts can't seem to hold the affections of its Republican governors."

"Gov. Mitt Romney is the latest in a string of GOP chief executives with a wandering eye."

"Though he insists he is focused on a 2006 re-election campaign for governor, Romney is also looking increasingly like a potential Republican presidential contender for 2008."

"If the younger Romney jumps into the 2008 race, he will join a long list of recent presidential hopefuls from Massachusetts , including Sen. John Kerry, the late Sen. Paul Tsongas and former Gov. Michael Dukakis — all Democrats."

"That track record should not discourage Romney, according to Warren Henderson, chairman of the Republican Party in New Hampshire , home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary."

"I don't think Massachusetts is the problem. The problem's with the Democrats from Massachusetts ," he said. "The more people got to know Mike Dukakis and John Kerry, the less they liked them."