Hagel for President...or...well for Senate

Politics NH first reported that Monica Smith (D-Durham) writes in her (Democracy for New Hampshire) blog today:

Dear Editor,
Why, one wonders, is Senator Hagel sending his 2004 Year End Report,"prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense" off to a Democrat in New Hampshire? Where did he even get my address? Hope it wasn't off some direct mail list that some political consultant firm has been collecting.

In any case, the four pages of not much news he sent out are revealing. They tell me that this Senator likes to travel, to chat with foreign "seniors" (important people), to file legislation that doesn't go anywhere, and to respond to any problem with a new law.

And he shares that magical thinking with the current administration that cutting taxes will solve all problems.If not that, then the solution is simply to create another level of bureaucracy.Example: a regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The notion that it's the job of Congress, via its committees and sub-committees, to schedule hearings and review the operations of all governmental departments seems not to have registered yet.