Hynes responds to DiStaso

At his blog anklebitingpundits.com Patrick Hynes responds to the characterization that columnist John DiStaso made. You can find his post here and his article here.

Hynes writes:

This is odd. My home state paper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, takes, I think, a potshot at me:

Quote: New Hampshire native Patrick Hynes, now a Washington-based political consultant, has come to the defense of former state GOP executive director Chuck McGee. In an April 1 op-ed in the American Spectator, Hynes points out that while McGee's masterminding of the Election Day 2002 phone-jamming scheme was "apparently" illegal, groups sympathetic to Democrats were cited in a recent report by the American Center for Voting Rights as registering "thousands of fictional voters" in the last election.

I can't imagine what article the columnist -- John DiStaso -- was reading. My article was hardly a "defense" of Chuck. I called his actions the result of "a shortsighted, stupid decision, for which he is paying dearly." You can read the article yourself here.

Moreover, anyone who spends about seven seconds on this site knows we have condemned Chuck's actions ... actions for which he is deeply apologetic.