Callous act by Jack Barnes

This belongs in the “with friends like this category”

On Tuesday evening a candidate’s forum was held in Wakefield. It was sponsored by the Wakefield Republicans. The event was for people to meet and hear from those seeking election as Reps, Senate and County Commissioner. It was moderated by the Wakefield Town Moderator. There was supposed to be a one minute opening statement that didn't happen. There were three questions-given in advance-for Reps and Senate candidates; 2 minutes to answer. One of the questions was on taxes; one was on education funding; and one was on gun control. Joe Kenney said he wasn't going to be there bur showed up at the absolute last second.

All went well and there were audience questions that wrapped up the evening. At 9:00 PM, after two hours, the Moderator said that the event had concluded, BUT, Senator Jack Barnes (District 17) was present and wanted to make 'a comment'. Barnes turned the event into a campaign speech for Joe Kenney. Barnes gave an endorsement speech to those in attendance how great Joe Kenney was and then Barnes GAVE KENNEY A CHECK in front of everyone. When people voiced their displeasure with his callous and grandstanding actions, Barnes walked away and said to the people 'write a letter to the editor'.

There is no question this was orchestrated as Joe's campaign manager (State House Representative Eleanor Casey Crane of Nashua). Earlier she was seen whispering around toward the end to the Wakefield Republican chair who went and said something to the Moderator.

Apparently this was seen for what it was and many people, including some well-known Republicans, were offended by both Barnes and Kenney and Crane, who apparently orchestrated the charade. Many were seen approaching Democrat candidate George Cleveland offering support and requesting lawn-signs.

A reporter from the Granite State News was present and it remains to be seen if that paper will report what occurred.

Expect that many people will take the advice of Barnes and “write a letter to the editor” voicing their disapproval.