Got Ethics?

In the wake of today's announcement that the Democratic Party will be required to defend its campaign tactics in court, the Lynch Campaign respond by doing an equally unethical campaign move. During preparation for tonight's debate, in the middle of state employees work day, Lynch Administration staffer Pamela Walsh abandoned her duties to the tax payers who pay her salary, to participate in pre campaign preparation at WMUR TV.

"Today on the front page of the Union Leader we see that papers have been filed in state and federal court against the Democratic Party for inappropriate behavior in the past. They continue the same kid of inappropriate actions the very day those lawsuits come to public light. Pam Walsh works for the state, not a campaign and the law is very clear. If Pam Walsh is taking money from tax payers she can't be working for a private entity. The people of New Hampshire deserve more from the Governor who once claimed to be about ethics." said Michael Biundo Campaign Manager.

Prior to today's debate at WMUR TV, campaigns were offered the opportunity to "walk through" the studio to help prepare for the live televised campaign event. While Coburn Campaign staffers were there, Governor Lynch and Administration staff member Pam Walsh arrived to review the site. This occurred during the state work day.