Cornerstone Policy Research to deliver 7000+ faxes/letters

CPR Action Executive Director, Karen Testerman, will personally deliver over 7,000 letters (formerly faxes) asking 307 legislators to “Let the People Vote on the definition of marriage”.  CACR 34 currently before the House would allow the citizens of New Hampshire to determine if they want the state constitution to be amended to define marriage between a man and awoman.  “The real question is whether the legislators of NH will “Let the people vote.”  The people who elected them are only asking to vote on the question,” commented Testerman.

The faxes were to be delivered beginning February 17th, but Speaker of the House, Doug Scamman’s office refused to facilitate the delivery of those messages from constituents to the intended legislators. CPR-Action will deliver over 7,000 letters addressed to 307 legislators to the State House.