Bypassing the Bylaws?

Few potential Presidential candidates have been as active in spreading money, recruiting supporters and making the rounds in pre-primary New Hampshire as neighboring Governor Mitt Romney. It seems that this work has paid off, yet some say there may be a sticking point.

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee Bylaws expressly prohibit the Republican National Committeeman and the Republican National Committeewoman from helping one presidential aspirant over another. Article III of the New Hampshire GOP’s bylaws states:

“During all Presidential and State Primaries the Committeeman and Committeewoman must remain strictly neutral and may not publicly or privately support, assist or endorse any one candidate over another.”

So why, some ask, was Republican National Committeeman Tom Rath spending so much time with Julie Teer and Ron Kaufman at the RNC’s summer meeting in Minneapolis, Minn. last week? Teer is a paid staffer of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s Commonwealth PAC and Ron Kaufman is a major league GOP lobbyist and Romney insider.

Our sources, who attended the summer meeting, tell us that Rath was doing more than just catching up with old friends. He was helping Teer and Kaufman recruit members of the RNC to join them on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Questions remain though; has Rath officially joined Romney’s team? If so, the GOP might want to either update or enforce those bylaws.