Claremont could lose $486,525 due to FAA Complaint

A complaint filed with the Federal Aviation Administration regarding discrimination and misuse of Federal funds used to build a municipal hangar at Claremont Municipal Airport in 2006 could jeopardize $486,525.00 in State and Federal funds used to build the hangar. It could also jeopardize future FAA payments to Claremont.

A battle between Brian Meyette and Claremont officials, started with Meyette’s attempt to build a hangar at the Municipal Airport. The complaint surrounds how the city allocated the hangars built with Federal and State DOT funding.

To add to Claremont’s woe’s there is also an issue pending regarding a remodeling project for ADA compliance that was allocated to Municipal use.

Is this a case of Municipal ‘Good Old Boy Networking’, sour grapes by a rejected applicant or something somewhere in-between?

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For more details about the ADA Complaint :  and referenced here