Tom Eaton seeks RNC role

Former Republican State Senator and Senate President Tom Eaton officially announced his candidacy for National Committeeman today. Since the loss of his Keene based Senate District Eaton has said to be working the phones enlisting support for his candidacy, in the process he has gained the support of several high level Republican activists and insiders.

 Eaton's announcement letter is below:

After much consideration, I am announcing my candidacy for New Hampshire Republican National Committeeman.

My decision to seek the position is one I take very seriously. In our rapidly changing political world, New Hampshire must continue to play a leading role in shaping national policy by protecting our first-in-the-nation primary and by electing Republicans to take back majority power in Washington and Concord. I believe I am the person for the job and I ask for your support.

The National Committeeman is one of three representatives from New Hampshire who have voting power to manage the Republican National Committee, much like you are responsible for managing the New Hampshire State Committee. It requires a sincere and ongoing commitment of long hours, travel to meetings and the honor of speaking on behalf of New Hampshire Republicans. I have the time, energy and resources to devote wholeheartedly to these obligations.

This election cycle, more than ever, New Hampshire needs a National Committeeman who will be an aggressive advocate for our first-in-the-nation primary. We are already watching the Democrats attempt to water down our primary and chip away at the importance of grass-roots politics. I will be an articulate and tireless spokesman for our unique primary.

Having owned and operated a business in New Hampshire, participated in New Hampshire politics as an activist, candidate, state senator and senate president, I know the staunch dedication required to surpass your expectations for New Hampshire’s National Committeeman and New Hampshire’s place in national politics. I have the necessary experience and demeanor and understand that the task is one that requires teamwork.

I have a history of actively promoting the Republican Party and in distinguishing our basic principles from those of the “other party.” In fact, when I was Senate President, New Hampshire Business Magazine stated, “Eaton gave a counterpoint to Lynch.” I believe I demonstrated my ability to enunciate the distinction between Republicans and Democrats. Today this is even more important because we are in the minority. I continue to believe that by rolling up our sleeves and articulating core Republican principles to the voters, Republicans will again win majority status in New Hampshire and nationally.

I want to be part of this effort. I would be honored to earn your vote for National Committeeman on January 27th. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you soon about the future of our Party.


Tom Eaton