Democrats Announce “Frontline” Incumbents

NH Insider has learned that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has selected Congressman Hodes but not Congresswoman Shea-Porter to be a member of its Frontline program.  

According to the report NH Insider recieved:
Frontline is the D’s response to the Republicans’ Retain Our Majority Program (ROMP), begun in the 2000 cycle, which was instituted to protect politically endangered congressmen when the GOP controlled the House.  The DCCC established their program in 2001. The purpose of both operations is to attract early financial support for the members who appear to be facing the most competitive re-election battles in the hopes of dissuading their strongest rivals from running.

Congresswoman Shea- Porter not being included on the list is particularly surprising especially because of her weak fundraising having collected just over $360,000 last cycle.