A blogger view of the Imus situation

Under pressure to criticize Don Imus for his recent comments Barack Obama may have gone too far according to some. Blogger Don Surber writes:  

1. Am I alone in being disturbed by Barack Obama's call for firing a broadcaster over something he said? This off-with-his-heads mentality is unpresidential. Imagine if President Bush said someone should be fired. He called Adam Clymer an asshole and that caused a stir.

The message is chillingly clear: A President Obama would call for the firing of his critics.

Obama appeared on the Don Imus program early on in Obama's career. This is how he re-pays friends.

Hillary Clinton has the same disdain for critics. Obviously, Ivy League law schools are deficient in their instruction on free speech.

If  a cashew like Rosie O'Donnell gets it, why not these two?

John Edwards did say Imus should be forgiven. Good for Edwards. But he is doomed. Democrats no longer nominate the sane.

That said, I condemn what Imus said but I defend his right to say it. It is up to CBS Radio as to whether he says it on their stations.