Shea-Porter Reverses Course on Frontline Program

On February 21st Josh Kraushaar of the Politico reported that Freshman Representative Carol-Shea Porter had "declined to participate in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's "Frontline" program, which helps vulnerable members raise money early and receive logistical support for their re-election bids."

 According to the Majority Accountability Project she said, "They did invite me, and I really appreciated that," Shea-Porter told the Concord Monitor. "But I wanted to do what I thought was best for New Hampshire politics." She told the paper she intended to “run another grassroots, low-budget campaign,” explaining to, “it’s really about building trust and relationships.”

But, according to the Majority Accountability Project a review of "Shea-Porter’s latest Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings indicate their campaigns are not completely independent from the party leadership they publicly shunned, and that the contributions they’ve received mirror those of “Frontline” candidates."

According to her latest FEC report Shea-Porter took $5,000 from the leadership PAC of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, $2,000 from House Education and Labor Chair George Miller, and $1,000 each from U.S. Reps. Diana Degette and Rush Holt.

Michael Brady of MAP writes, "The member’s contributing to Boyda and Shea-Porter have been giving generously to members included on the 29-member “Frontline” list, the very list on which the two freshmen declined to be publicly included."