Atkinson Police Chief in trouble with the AGO

After complaints by residents, the Charitable Trusts Unit with the AGO’s office investigated and notified the Chief that none of the funds are registered or managed in accordance with NH regulations.


The Chief believes he does not fall under the restrictions of 501(c)(3). He claims he does not manage or have access to these funds. He also claims to have contacted the Town auditors, Mason & Rich, who supposedly verified that everything is in order.


An initial independent audit of town meeting minutes and accounting data reveal that the monies requested to be withdrawn by the Chief do not match the monies that are actually withdrawn by him.


Residents claim that a significant number of public documents confirm that he manages the funds personally and keeps the information confidential. If so, these practices are against the law.


It will be interesting to see how the AG’s office advises how to proceed now that they have advised Chief Consentino he must register.

Letter from Attorney Generals Office April 7, 2008

Atkinson Police Department Response to AGO Letter April 15, 2008

Letter from Attorney Generals Office July 18,2008