October 2009 Issue of Trend Lines

Trend Lines

October 2009

This Month: Dealing With State Budget Deficits

States everywhere are struggling to fill budget gaps.  Is higher spending or declining revenue behind the large deficits facing states and is the federal stimulus package a cure worse than the disease?  This edition of Trend Lines looks at these and other issues.   To receive email copies of upcoming reports on the cause and correlates of state deficits email here:  statedefictreports@poleconresearch.com 


An Unconvincing Recovery is at Hand.  (pg 2)

Revenue Drops Prompt Deficits but Spending Determines Their Severity. (pg 3)

Does Stimulus Funding Relieve Stress or Reward Profligacy? (pg 4)

Recovery Won't Alleviate the Need for Tough Choices.  (pg 5)

Trend Lines Oct. 09 Edition