NRN - Announcing StopJarrett.Com

Fellow Bloggers,

I'm writing today to ask for some help.  This morning, I launched, a website to investigate Valerie Jarrett.  This is going to be a huge effort, but if we have success, we can win this battle.

To start things off we are going to need contributors for the website.  I know that a lot of you have already done stories on Valerie, and we could use that information on the website.  Would you mind joining our effort as a contributor and a member of our Stop Jarrett blog coalition?

If you want to get involved, simply email  me at  This is an important fight and we are going to need all hands on deck.

Also, please check out this memo from the head of ALG Research, Don Todd.  He sent a memo yesterday to ALG President, Bill Wilson, about the need to look into Valerie Jarret:

As you know we have spent the last ten months examining and reporting on the appointees of the Obama Administration.

During this examination we have noticed a recurring theme that merits further research and exposure since it has been ignored by the media and blogs. It is the role played by Valerie Jarrett in the lives, campaigns, and the Administration of the President and First Lady.

It would be difficult to underestimate what that role has been. When Ms. Jarrett first met the Obamas they were subordinate to her both on a social and a business basis.

The information that we have gathered indicates that she has served and continues to serve as a mentor to them. We believe that she is the most powerful individual in the Administration outside of the President himself.

That being said it is astounding how little has been reported about her background and influence.

Her various duties for the corrupt buddy system government of Chicago and her later payoff as a private enterprise slum lord are little known even in Chicago because she has been very adverse to the spotlight.

Recently the abortive Olympics bid in Copenhagen at her behest has raised some eyebrows. She was Vice-Chair of the Chicago Olympics Committee and her greed driven cronies in the Chicago real estate and development communities were hoping for a bonanza. Because of that she put the prestige of the Presidency and of America on the line with disastrous consequences for both. Yet she takes no blame because she is never out front.

The National Endowment for the Arts is another example of the same modus operandi. She engineers a project, it goes south and she is nowhere to be found.

There are many other examples and much more detail but I want to keep this memo short.

I am proposing that we make a major effort to shine the spotlight on her past and present activities. It is my opinion based on forty years of experience in this arena that so doing will cause the American people to recoil both from her and this Administration.

I await your response.

Again, please consider helping out and joining our blog coalition.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Adam Bitely
Director of New Media
Americans for Limited Government