Jack Kimball for Governor Exploratory Committee Launches New Website...

NHInsider received the following via a forwarded email, thus the placement in Blogger Alerts/Rumor Mill.

We did take a quick look at his website, pretty basic stuff. But I couldn't immediately find a Party Affiliation, does anyone have more information about this potential Gubernatorial Candidate?

Dear Friend,

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website that will continue to detail my exploring a run for governor.

My goal in designing this new site was to allow a place for Granite Staters to go to get to know me. I invite you to visit the website and read my story. You will also find my interactive, up-to-date events calendar – keep an eye on the calendar and please come introduce yourself if I am going to be in your area!

You can show your support by signing up for our Newsletter, signing up to volunteer, or by donating.

Check back often as we are constantly updating the site. In addition, feel free to make suggestions if there are more features you would like to see on the website.

Please have a look at www.JackForGov.com.

Jack Kimball

Exploratory Candidate for Governor