NRN - Where is the Stimulus Money Going?

Fellow Bloggers,

Yesterday, we reported on the Washington Examiner uncovering 75,000 plus bogus jobs from the Stimulus Bill. Today, we have even more fishy news on the Stimulus front.

Bill McMorris from discovered that there seems to be stimulus money going to "phantom congressional districts", according to D.J. McGuire from Virginia Virtucon dug into this claim in Virginia and discovered that not only was this claim true, but Virginia, which has 11 congressional districts, received stimulus funds in many, many more districts than the recognized 11.

Notice, this chart (click here to see chart) showing the funds being delivered to Virginia includes many more districts than the federally recognized 11. Even further, the chart shows jobs being created in "unknown" portions of Virginia.

And, according to Bill McMorris, this is a widespread problem not exclusive to Virginia.