Heritage Foundation - Key Information on Health Care Bills and more

As both the House and Senate leadership have announced they will attempt to bring a government run health care bill up for a vote, possibly as early as this week, I wanted to share some key facts and new Heritage research with you.

  • The latest House health care bill is 1,990 pages long.
  • The latest Senate health care bill is rumored to be about 1,500 pages long.
  • Both bills were written behind closed doors and without bi-partisan input.
  • According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the House bill would add 15 million people to the Medicaid rolls.
  • CBO estimates the cost of the House bill to be over $1 trillion more than $150 billion higher than the Democrat leadership is touting.
  • What is left out of the talking points is offsetting revenue from tax penalties, $33 billion from individuals who do not purchase, and $135 billion from employers that do not offer, government-forced insurance.
  • The cost also does not include the so-called “Doc Fix” for Medicare payments which would add nearly $250 billion in costs to the bill.
  • According to CBO, the new government run plan will not start for four years, but taxes to cover the 10-year cost start next year. Our friends at Americans for Tax Reform have compiled a Comprehensive List of Taxes In House Democrat Health Bill.
  • The kicker, CBO says that premiums under a public option would be “somewhat higher” than the private insurance plans.

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Check back at www.fixhealthcarepolicy.com for regular updates on the debate. 

Quick Hits: 

Ø       EPA Agrees with Heritage: the global warming bills in the House and Senate will NOT increase economic activity. While we disagree on how severe the negative impact will be, one thing is clear, this is not a “green jobs bill.” 

Ø       As Congress begins phasing out the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program – ending parental choice in the District – Heritage produced a short documentary (less than 30 minutes) to highlight why the program is so important. Watch Let Me Rise here. 

Ø       Heritage’s Dr. Matthew Spalding has written We Still Hold These Truths to provide a roadmap for our future based on our founding principles. Buy it here. 

Ø       Heritage has extended our exhibition of the Gulag collection through mid-November. If you are in DC, come by and see these compelling paintings from a Gulag survivor. 

Thank you for what you do for liberty.