NRN - Lindsey Graham, Obama's Golden Retriever


Lindsey Olin Graham: The Watermelon Man -  With his sell-out late last week on the cap & trade bill in the U.S. Senate, Lindsey Olin Graham officially established himself as "The Watermelon Man."

Green on the outside, pink on the inside, Graham will now serve as the pusillanimous poster boy for the amorphous mush that emerges when a Washington politician has soaked up far too much Potomac swamp water.

Adding insult to injury, The Watermelon Man got thumped by fellow Senator John Kerry, who convinced the diminutive Carolinian to co-sponsor the ruinous cap and trade bill by promising to let America drill for a little bit of its own oil and build a couple of nuclear power plants here and there. We hasten to add that rumors about the gullible Graham also buying into Kerry's promises to walk on water and build a swing set on the moon have not yet been confirmed.

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