NRN - Oppose Bernanke's Fed Re-Appointment

Fellow Bloggers –

Tomorrow (12/3) is the Senate Banking Committee hearing to confirm Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve for another term. We have a real good opportunity to help stop this re-appointment.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Bernanke is opposed by 89%% of Americans. If the Senate reappoints him, it would be a classic case of Washington D.C. insiders not paying attention to their constituents.

To make matters worse, Bernanke is currently overseeing the TALF program which is run by the New York Fed. If you are not familiar with this, read our backgrounder on TALF (this backgrounder will be released tomorrow publicly). This is a simply unacceptable program that does nothing but redistribute wealth from Main Street to Wall Street.

Please urge everyone you know to call their Senator and ask them to Vote NO on Bernanke.

If you are interested in doing a blog post on this important issue, here is some great material that may help:

·         Backgrounder on TALF

·         Letter from Senators Vitter and Bunning asking questions about TALF

·         Rasmussen poll showing that 79% of Americans don't support Bernanke