ALG - New Jarrett Series Coming Monday 12/7/09

Dear Blogger,

On October 28th 2009, Americans for Limited Government and NetRight Nation launched a revolutionary new website called "" This site has been dedicated to uncovering vital (though often obsured) information about one of Barack Obama's closest advisors inside the White House, Valerie Jarrett.

And now, ALG News, in conjunction with the new StopJarrett site, will be starting a new five part series that will be featured in this very publication on who Valerie Jarrett really is.

The series will be called "The Jarrett Chronicles: Corruption – The Chicago Way" and the following is a list of the order in which these remarkably revealing articles will appear:

•    Valerie Jarrett's Grove Park Fiasco: The Rich Got Richer
•    Valerie Jarrett's Underwater Demolition: Cataloging Failure
•    Valerie Jarrett and Cecil Butler: Partners in Slime
•    The Valerie Jarrett Health Care Plan
•    Valerie Jarrett's Cronies See "Green"

Each day new information on Valerie Jarrett will be featured in this publication, and we encourage journalist to use this entirely factual, well-documented information material to inform your audiences about the power behind the White House throne.