How to Sell Healthcare Reform!

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Lately, as expected, we have seen the recycling of familiar lines of attack by opponents of health reform.This raises the questions:


How does the American public respond to opponents' charges? What are the most effective ways for us to counter them?

Lake Research Partners and Herndon Alliance recently conducted new research that dissects the attacks being used against health reform and finds our most effective responses.


Celinda Lake, Partner at Lake Research Partners will discuss with bloggers their research, and how to apply it to win health reform.


Date: Monday, June 15

Time: 1:30 PM Eastern

Dial-in Number: xxxxxxxxx

Access Code: xxxxxxx



*Please note this conversation is on background.


From the memo:


In response to recent critiques of health reform by opponents, we conducted online dial-groups with 1200 respondents nationwide to test the effectiveness of opposition messages to identify the most effective means of promoting reform and the most forceful approach to diffusing these attacks and/or counter-attacking. All pro-reform voices must stay on offense in the health care reform debate, and this research provides a guide for taking on and defeating the opponents’ arguments.


Please take a few minutes to go over the 9 page summary document which is attached.