MS/NBC Sees Unions Gaining Power, Even As One Senator Drops Off

The EFCA, the so called “Employee Free Choice Act” which actually takes away employees free choice made in privacy via a secret ballot, substituting a “Card Check” provision allowing a union to form once they harass enough people into signing a card.


The battles in Congress are returning, the Unions feel they contributed heavily to the success of the Democrats in the last election and they expect pay-back!


Last time around Specter (D-PA) was a republican and voted against EFCA, now he is a Democrat but will he stick to his principles or go with his new Leaders? Well it appears Feinstein (D-CA) may be backing away from the big unions!


Here’s how the talking heads at MSNBC see the Corporations vs. Union Battles shaping up. The Government is now firmly on the Unions side, with the Auto Bailout deals meant to appease the Unions. Don’t believe it, then what exactly did the $50 Billion do for GMC and Chrysler as they each ended up in Bankruptcy anyways?




The power of money over Democracy is clearly evident. The people of the USA have dropped out of unions at an alarming rate yet the Democrats are beholden to the Unions for their elections.


My, what gobs of money can buy... in the USA a Presidency!



Feinstein Pulls Support For Union Legislation


Jon Dell

June 3, 2009



Employee Free Choice Act loses key ally in California Senator.


In a major turn of events, a once powerful ally of pending union legislation has decided to back away.


The Employee Free Choice Act is circling Washington D.C. as we speak, and it aims to change the rules for employees forming a union.


Currently, if a majority of employees wish to form a union, a secret ballot is then set up, preceded by 39 days for both unions and businesses to plead their case.


Under the Employee Free Choice Act, unions could automatically be formed if a majority of employees simply sign a card expressing their desire to unionize. This can be done at any time, and does not require a secret ballot process.


A delegation from the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce, joined by similar groups from around the country, is in Washington to have meetings to express their opposition to the bill. At around 12:00 eastern time this afternoon, the group met with Senator Diane Feinstein.


Feinstein, a major proponent of the Employee Free Choice Act, broke national news when she told the local delegation that she is withdrawing her support.


"She will not vote for the bill, and she will not support any modification allowing the process to bypass secret ballots, and she believes that now is not the right time for this type of legislation given the downturn in the economy," said John Shaffery, a local lawyer and vice president for the SCV Chamber Board of Directors, who was in the meeting.


The announcement came as a complete surprise to the group.


“We’re still catching our breath,” Shaffery continued. “This is truly unexpected given that Senator Feinstein was the key senator that we were here to meet with today.”


The group was recognized by Senator Feinstein, who appeared at an event in Santa Clarita last October.


Shaffery is joined in Washington D.C. by Chamber CEO Larry Mankin, SCV Bank Vice President Chris Hough, Chris Angelo with Stay Green Inc., and Valencia Acura owner Don Fleming.


Specifics on Employee Free Choice Act:


It allows for employees to unionize if more than 50% of them publicly sign a card in favor of doing so. Current law forces a private election within 39 days if 1/3 of the total employees express interest. Then, within that time frame both companies and union representatives get to plead their case to the employees.


If the union and company cannot agree on a contract, it forces a federal arbitrator to come in and set a two-year agreement, without any appeals.


It sets penalties for companies if they are unfair during the union organizing process; however it sets no such penalties on unions.


Our Congressman Buck McKeon has been a firm opponent of the legislation since its inception.


“The American economy is in real trouble. Americans are losing their jobs and their homes. The notion that Congress would take up an anti-worker, special interest payback like this one – particularly at a time like this, with the economic challenges we face – is unconscionable,” said McKeon. “The Employee Free Choice Act is an affront to basic democratic rights and it must be defeated.”



MSNBC Pundits


JIM CRAMER: turn arounds are hard. how about toyota buying up the companies they can in the world which they are a battery business. they are going to be a battery business. that's a forward way to look at things. it's going to be battery operated. every time a copper mine comes up for sale, other than the ones the mexicans bought, the toyota companies are buying it.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: you're saying this $50 billion bailout is nothing more than an insurance policy for politicians who don't want to have to run with 12% unemployment?


CRAMER: why are you so uncynical? i think the whole goal is not even political. i think it is literally a terrific way to be able to give the unions charge so know, thi to transfer capitalism away from bond holders to unions because the unions can run a better jobs program than the bond holders.


SCARBOROUGH: i keep hearing union. you hear it, too, from business people, liberals and conservatives. looks like the unions are gaining unprecedented power. not only with this administration but -- i would -- i was told by actually a democratic business person that when certain union members come into their offices, they sxrap and bow because they understand the union representative has carte blanche with this administration.


CRAMER: if they get card check, i have to tell you, i think walmart cut in half, most of the department store will suffer mightily. there's a lot -- costco trying to do a middle ground car check. car checks may be the most important issue facing american companies.


i'm with jim on this.


ANDREW ROSS SORKIN: name a successful unionized company. think. you are going to go to break before you come up with one.


CRAMER: hold on a second. look for the union label and sell.


SCARBOROUGH: here's what is stunning about this. you have always been seen as, you know, a democrat. boston guy. a blue collar guy. a pro-union guy. yet, you are telling me


BARNICLE: they lost their way.


SCARBOROUGH: the unions have –


BARNICLE: they are in it for the dues.


CRAMER: you bet!


BARNICLE: rather than helping union members.


CRAMER: i ran a wildcat strike once at veterans stadium.


SCARBOROUGH: all right. i'm impressed.