NRN - We Need To Take Action Against MSNBC

Fellow Bloggers,

Yesterday, MSNBC sought to discredit a protester at a particular anti-Obama rally. However, the story that they did deserves coverage from all of this. If you have not yet seen what I am talking about, click here to see the video.

MSNBC attempted to discredit a protester that was legally carrying a gun. Even further, they claimed that the protester was a racist! In fact, they even forgot to show what the protester looked like. And that was the most important part, because the man with the gun was African-American.

MSNBC is trying to cover up the facts to push through their agenda. It is our jobs as bloggers to set the record straight. Please consider writing something on your blogs about this important story.

Earlier today, Americans for Limited Government's President, Bill Wilson, sent a letter to MSNBC demanding the immediate termination of the reporters involved in this story. Please help us make this a reality by informing your readers of what is going on. We cannot allow this bias in the media to stand.

Click here to see the full story.