Breaking News: Bill to Give Obama 'Cybersecurity Emergency' Powers

This is the most unbelievable development in the history of the Internet! Where is the outrage from the Liberal Left Wingers? The government is putting in place the mechanism for them to take over full control of the Internet.


Add to this the recent rumor I heard that an Internet Sales Tax is imminent! This would be an all encompassing tax on Internet sales supported by some of the major Internet Players such as Wal-Mart and Amazon.



Experts Warned Against Dangers of Gov’t Control of Private Networks


Washington, D.C., August 28, 2009—According to a breaking news report by CNET’s Declan McCullagh, a draft bill in theU.S. Senate would grant President Obama “cybersecurity emergency powers” to disconnect and even seize control of private sector computers on the Internet. Back in May, when Obama proposed a “cybersecurity czar with a broad mandate” and the administration issued a report outlining potential vulnerabilities in the government’s information security policies, CEI Director of Technology Studies Wayne Crews cautioned about “the constant temptation by politicians in both parties to expand government authority over ‘critical’ private networks.”


“From American telecommunications to the power grid, virtually anything networked to some other computer is potentially fair game to Obama to exercise ‘emergency powers,’” Crews said today. “Policy makers should be suspicious of proposals to collectivize and centralize cybersecurity risk management, especially in frontier industries like information technology. When government asserts authority over security technologies, it hinders the evolution of more robust information security practices and creates barriers to non-political solutions—both mundane and catastrophic. The result is that we become less secure, not more secure.”


Instead, Crews had urged the Obama Administration to focus on “securing government networks and keeping government agencies on the cutting edge of communications technology.” As today’s news illustrates, the dangers created by such a “broad mandate” may come to pass.


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