Charlie Bass for Governor

Dear Fellow Activists,

The State of New Hampshire is on the move.  The problem is, under the leadership of Gov.John Lynch, New Hampshire is moving in the wrong direction!

According to the Government Performance Project conducted by The Pew Charitable Trust, New Hampshire ranks dead last in how well we manage employees, budgets, finances and infrastructure! Last!  Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island all ranked higher than we did! I’m mad as hell – 50th is not good enough for New Hampshire! 

I have seen and waited long enough!  The Past few election cycles we’ve all sat back and waited for someone to announce their candidacy for Governor of New Hampshire. This cycle I decided that waiting isn’t for me.  So I have searched for a viable candidate for New Hampshire’s Corner office.  Over the past few months I’ve talked to many activists throughout New Hampshire and one name keeps coming up over and over again.

 He’s well known throughout the state.  He would appeal to both Republican, and Independent voters.  He has a tremendous amount of experience and is respected across the aisle. That man my friends is Charlie Bass.  He is a Republican who can beat john Lynch and return New Hampshire to economic health!

I ask you to please join me in a Draft Charlie Bass for Governor of New Hampshire campaign.  All you have to do is send Charlie Bass a note by email or Facebook  (info provided below) asking him to save New Hampshire by running for Governor of New Hampshire in 2010.

Charlie Bass’s email,  

Or you can log onto Charlie’s Facebook page become a sponsor and leave a message.

Please share this letter with your distribution list. We can save New Hampshire, but we need to start today!

Thank You

Jeffrey S. Hatch

Salem, NH