Special Election Alert: Coakley Sign might be a violation

Coakley Sign might be a violation

By Ashley Badgley

BOSTON (Mass.) — At 6:50 a.m., the polls are almost open in Dorchester and signs of polling violations are already an issue. At 330 Bowdoin St., the Pasciucco Apartments, a sign in support of Martha Coakley is posted outside the front door. The law states that any campaigning or support of a candidate must be done at least 150 feet away from the polling booths.


The booths at the polling location are down a long, winding hallway in the back of the building, but the polling location's warden, Wilma Brown is not sure whether the sign is a violation or not.

Brown said the sign, that stands approximately 10 feet from the door, could be more than 150 feet away from voting booths, but she is not sure. Also, she is not sure how or when the sign was posted.

"It's not mine to take down," she said.

However, Brown said she was going to check into the rules and take the sign down if necessary.

The sign is posted on a wooden pole that is secured to the fence outside the entrance. It stands a few feet from a sign stating "Vote Here Today."

Ashley Badgley is a reporter for Watchdog.org in partnership with Washington News Alert.