CAACP - Fire Marshal Protest 1/19/2010

Good Samaritan's Rights Demonstration

                   Office Of The NH Fire Marshal, Concord, NH

          HOST: UNH Young Americans For Liberty & Richard Olson Sr.


This demonstration was to protest the NH State Fire Marshall Office for their 11/7/09 felony's indictment's, punishable by 3-7 years imprisonment, of a good Samaritan for helping homeowners during the NH ice storm state of emergency.

This vendetta by the Fire Marshall's office is retribution for the stalking charges and arrest, during the ice storm, of their chief investigator Mark Hilbert by a homeowner whom had beckoned this good Samaritan. There was no harm or damage caused to anyone or anything by this home homeowner or the good Samaritan. The main breaker had been accidentally left on while the homeowners generator was running. Out of hundred's of similar reports the Fire Marshall's Office received from around the state during the ice storm, this good Samaritan was singled out and prosecuted. This Good Samaritan is fighting this alone with finance's having been exhausted and facing a long prison term.
This good Samaritan is a activist and the creator of the widely controversial LFOD rights & liberty rally. He has also long been an out spoken critic with the filing of numerous complaints in regard to home owner rights violations perpetrated by the officers of the Fire Marshall's Office.

To call with complaint in regard to this vendetta and felony charges:
John Barthelmes Dept. Of Safety Commissioner 603-271-2791
William Deghan Fire Marshal Dept. Of Safety 603-223-4289 FMO@DOS.NH.GOV

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