NH Ballot Commission Illegally Swaps Democratic Candidates on Official Ballot

NHInsider received the following letter describing a possible illegal action by the NH Ballot Commission. The author will remain anonymous unless He/She requests attribution.


I have just learned of something which has the makings of a major scandal by the Dems.  I first heard of this through Jim the in the GOP office and then got details from Sec. of State Gardner, so don't take my word for it; contact Bill to verify.
Alice Surago was one of the primary victors for Democrats in Strafford 3.  She beat Dennis Vachon who had decided not to run but for some reason mounted a write-in campaign. Stange, I thought at the time.  Now I know why.  Apparently, Ms. Surago did not want to work and realized a mistake was made in filing.
After the election, she asked to be removed from the ballot.  Bill Gardner denied it.  Remember the Maureen Nagle case in my own ward two years ago; remember the case of Senator Green who had to move out of his district to get off the ballot.  You basically have to die, move, or incur a serious debilitation since the primary to get off.  Apparently, now there is a fourth way--have friends in high places.  Democrats, with Peter Burling leading the way, appealed to the Ballot Law Commission.  Bill explained that Ms. Surago didn't so much as have a doctor's notice.  There was no valid reason for removing her and putting Vachon on.  I dare say, the Ballot Law Commission didn't even have authority to rule in the case, but they did and they overturned the Secretary of State's decision, removed Surago, and of course, Dems immediately placed Vachon on the ballot. 
This is just the latest outrage in a series of outrages.  I have notified Ryan at the GOP office.  With this, I am notifying GOP House leadership since the House itself seats members.  I believe that if Vachon is elected, the House should refuse to seat him.  I hope others (the HRA perhaps) will make an issue of this.  I think it has the makings of a major scandal.  Who's on the Ballot Law Commission?  Jane Clemmons was just appointed; one of the Republicans (so-called) is Brad Cook.  Nuff said.