Friends of Tim Bagwell (D-IL) - Portsmouth subcontractor for $50+mil National Guard program asked about funding IL nonprofit

Tim Bagwell asks former IL mayor Rita Mullins and New Hampshire military subcontractor for details about claimed Save-A-Life Foundation/National Guard training program
Today US House candidate Tim Bagwell sent letters to the former mayor of Palatine IL and to the president of a New Hampshire military subcontractor asking for details about a nationwide first aid training partnership between a controversial nonprofit and the US National Guard.
In a letter last year the National Guard stated it can’t locate any records for the program.
The Save-A-Life Foundation, a Chicago-area charity reportedly under investigation by the IL Attorney General, reported to the IRS that it was “granted $590,000 to train 170 emergency medical service providers as instructors at 33 military bases in 27 states..." For years, Save-A-Life touted the program in its annual reports and press releases.
Save-A-Life identified Dare Mighty Things Inc., a Portsmouth, New Hampshire consulting firm, as the source of the funding and claims to have provided the training in partnership with the National Guard’s Youth ChalleNGe, a program intended to benefit young people at-risk. In 2007 Dare Mighty Things was awarded a 10-year, $50 million National Guard contract to oversee Youth ChalleNGe training programs.
Mullins, who for 20 years was mayor of a suburban Chicago village until she was unseated last year, was Save-A-Life’s National Director of Inter-Governmental Affairs for the past decade according to her resume.
...Save-A-Life has been the subject of TV and print exposes around the country, one of which “uncovered a series of misleading claims and deceptive credentials that raise doubts about Save-A-Life's integrity, funding and training.”
In his letters, which were courtesy-copied to the Inspectors General of the Department of Defense and the National Guard, Bagwell asked Mayor Mullins and Dare Mighty Things to provide financial and training records for the Save-A-Life/National Guard program. He also asked Mullins about Save-A-Life’s relationship with CSM Peter Thomas, Director of Lincoln’s Challenge, Rantoul, IL. According to Save-A-Life, “Thomas initiated a partnership” with their organization in 2005.

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From Nonprofit Quarterly, 2005:

(Some) relatively unusual “secular” entities discovered funding opportunities in the Compassion Capital grants. Assigned the function as the resource center for (the Department of Health and Human Service's) faith-based grant is “Dare Mighty Things,” founded by Dave Van Patten. DMT staff and consultants boast a bevy of major faith-based assignments, including Youth for Christ/USA, Promise Keepers, the Christian Management Association’s Executive Leadership Program, the Prison Fellowship, and the DeVos Family Foundation.

Shaheen funding DMT:

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