NH Libertarians Remember Which Side of the Bread the Icky Wax Goes

NH's General Election, scheduled for next Tuesday, November 2, may help determine the political direction of NH, at a minimum, for the next 2 years. I would that you work towards the Libertarian direction, as follows:

As a Libertarian, there is a barrier to overcome, that the Democrats/Republicans wrote into law,in 1897, modified in 2004, that sets a barrier in place. RSA 652:11 defines a Political Party, as now, one which its either, Governor or US Senate candidate exceed, 4% of the gross vote, for either office.

In that the UNH Survey Center, in a Congressional candidate survey done approx. 10 days ago, I, as the Libertarian for US House, 2nd, received 3% of the total, from a poll of 400 people. This, with no advertising on the ground (then). I have 100 signs out now. The inference, is that either of the Governor ( John Babiarz) or US Senate ( Ken Blevens) candidates will pull better than what I pulled as a Congress, 2nd candidate did. Sample ballots are available now, at Town/City Hall, for viewing.

I must note, that the ballot is more complicated than the paragraphs above infer. In at least 3 elective districts, the winner will be chosen by a Plurality vote:

Governor: John Babiarz-Libertarian
John Lynch-Democrat
John Stephen-Republican

US Senate: Ken Blevens-Libertarian
Chris Booth-independent
Paul Hodes-Democrat
Kelly Ayotte-Republican

US House, 1st: Frank Guinta-Republican
Carol Shea-Porter-Democrat
Philip Hodsen-Libertarian

US House, 2nd: Howard L.Wilson-Libertarian
Tim vanBlommesteyn-independent
Charles Bass- retread Republican
Ann Kuster-Democrat

The plurality wins, will be at Governor, US Senate, and US House, 2nd. I discount Mr.Hodsen, as he has done nothing to promote himself. The only vote he will receive, with be the protest vote, None of the Above, is Acceptable. And note one other condition applies: None of the petition access candidates, has faced off, against his/her opposite number of the ONE Party ( Democrat/Republican). Even though the TEA Party, coupled with calls for a 3rd party, exists, strength follows from vote totals.

And the "lesser" of 2 evils need not win, November 2. You have the option of voting for someone who is not evil, not conflicted with bringing the sad conditions of the current economic conditions, today.

For Liberty,
Howard L.Wilson