NH Sen. Shaheen is Asked to Pry Files from Unwilling Portsmouth Subcontractor re: "Shady Nonprofit"+$50m NatGuard Program

11/8/10, from Tim Bagwell asks US Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to help pry loose records from unwilling New Hampshire company that contracted with "shady nonprofit" in $50 million National Guard program

Today recent Democratic congressional candidate Tim Bagwell sent a letter to US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) asking her help to obtain records from Dare Mighty Things Inc., a Portsmouth company that received $50 million from the National Guard to oversee Youth ChalleNGe, a program for at-risk youth.

The president of Dare Mighty Things has refused to provide records for a Youth ChalleNGe first aid training program it subcontracted to the Save-A-Life Foundation, a Chicago nonprofit reportedly under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General.

According to her website, for FY2011 Sen. Shaheen has requested a $2,500,000 federal appropriation for Dare Mighty Things to run another National Guard program. In his letter, Bagwell asked the senator to ensure that those records also be made available to the public.

...From the (10/25/10 Portsmouth Herald):
(Van Patten) said he heard no complaints (about the Save-A-Life program) until he received a letter last week from Bagwell demanding financial information for the company he founded two decades ago.
However, as Bagwell wrote to Sen. Shaheen today:
(This claim) is seemingly contradicted by a series of e-mails from July in which writer Lee Cary repeatedly brought concerns about the Save-A-Life/Dare Mighty Things/Youth ChalleNGe program to the attention of Mr. Van Patten and other DMT executives.

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