NRN - Pelosi Attempts to Raise ObamaCare from the Dead


Breathing new life into the most unpopular legislative abomination in recent memory, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is setting the stage for the last stand of ObamaCare. It is an effort that may ultimately fail, but one in which she is clearly unwilling to cede the battlefield.

Speaking at the Academy Health National Health Policy Conference, Pelosi's legislative director Wendell Primus stated that the reconciliation process was "the only way" for Congressional Democrats to pass the ObamaCare monstrosity.

No kidding. The House cannot pass the Senate bill without significant changes, particularly to the abortion funding that flies in the face of the Stupak amendment, named after Congressman Bart Stupak who led the charge with some 39 House Democrats to strip such funding from the House version.

And the Senate cannot pass any modified bill now that Republicans have the 41st vote against cloture on the radical takeover of the nation's entire health care industry. The election of Senator Scott Brown ensured that.

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