News Alert: Harry Reid a "Whimpering, Simpering Quisling" says ALG President Bill Wilson

Harry Reid a "Whimpering, Simpering Little Quisling" says ALG President Bill Wilson

By Carter Clews

February 2nd, 2010, Fairfax, VA—The temperature may be below freezing in the Nation's Capitol, but the rhetoric is getting hotter by the minute. And with the midterm elections only ten months away, it doesn't promise to cool down anytime soon.

Lest anyone doubt it, here, verbatim, is the response by Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's swipe Tuesday morning at the Senate GOP for undermining national security: "Harry Reid is a whimpering, simpering quisling. And you can expect a stronger message to follow."

In what Politico called "caustic opening remarks on the Senate floor," Reid attacked the Republican for blocking the appointments of four "exceptionally qualified" nominees. Reid's list included the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness; the Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research; the Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis and the U.S. Representative to the Conference on Disarmament.

Concluded Reid, "For political reasons, a handful of Republican senators are standing between these experts and their offices. And that means they are also standing between the American people and their security."

Wilson for his part would have none of it.

"Blocking unqualified, radical appointments is the job of the Senate.  Those that have delayed or blocked these nominations are heroes," Wilson commented.

"As for putting America's security at risk, what about drowning us in a sea of debt that can never be repaid? How about denying America the ability to develop and generate energy on our own shores? What about putting us in a subservient position to Chinese debt-holders? Or how about undercutting the legitimate government of Honduras, one of the few allies we have in
Central America as Hugo Chavez and Castro eat up the region?

"What about treating terrorists like petty pick-pockets instead of the deadly enemy combatants they are?  What about refusing to defend our borders?  What about participating in the looting of America by cronies and ideological hacks while millions of Americans are in desperate straits? Harry Reid is guilty of all of the above and more."

Terming Reid a "whimpering, simpering quisling," Wilson promised that there is "a stronger message to follow." That message, according to Wilson, will be directed to ALG's members in Nevada. Those members, Wilson said will help educate their fellow Nevadans throughout the state.

"At ALG, we do not endorse or oppose candidates for office," Wilson noted. "But, we have every right to educate citizens on the hi-jinks and shenanigans of the Washington political class. Harry Reid is the political equivalent of Cybil. He's a good old boy back home and bad old hack out here. From now on, every time he opens his mouth, we're going to broadcast his message."

Carter Clews is a contributing editor to Washington News Alert.