Durham Emergency/Power Outage Information 3/1/10 5pm

Governor Lynch Visited Durham Today

At 2:15 p.m. today, Governor John Lynch visited Durham to meet with Durham and UNH officials to discuss the power outage and whether additional state resources could be provided here.  Part of the stop included a tour of the Pinecrest/Sunnyside neighborhoods which were especially hard hit.  We especially appreciate the Governor’s attention and interest in Durham’s situation.


Oyster River Cooperative School District Update

The Oyster River Schools will open tomorrow (Tuesday, March 2, 2010). This applies to all schools in the District - Mast Way, Moharimet, Middle School and High School. Moharimet still does not have power service at this time. However, PSNH has assured the District that service will be restored later Monday. As a result the District is planning that Moharimet will be open tomorrow. If this status changes, the ORCSD will issue an updated message.


The ORCSD understands that many households still do not have electric service, some families have temporarily relocated out of town until services are restored, and that some roads are still closed within the District. These conditions may preclude comprehensive bus service and make it impossible for some students to attend school on Tuesday. Absences will be fully excused. If your student is unable to attend, please contact your school's attendance line Tuesday morning. 


Do You Need Assistance?

Residents who are in need of assistance should contact the Durham Police Department at 868-2324. 


Durham Warming Center Information – The “Hamel Hilton” of Durham

A Warming Center” in Durham continues to be in place at the UNH Hamel Recreation Center (formerly Snively) at the Whittemore Center.  It is open to both UNH and the Town of Durham. UNH has graciously offered this facility once again for use by the community.  More than two hundred residents have taken advantage of showers and warmth to date.  Parking is available at the Depot Road Parking Lot and/or Lot A for access to the shelter at the Hamel Recreation Center.  The Hamel Recreation Center will remain open as a resource all night Sunday for those who need it.  Amenities include wireless access, showers, a soft floor, and at least 20 cots for use for the community’s benefit.  Animals are not allowed in the facility. 


If residents are in need of a full scale emergency shelter, they are encouraged to contact the State of NH hotline by dialing 211. 


Durham’s Champion Norway Spruce Falls – Victim of Storm

Durham’s champion Norway Spruce, listed by the American Forestry Association’s National Register of Big Trees as the largest recorded living specimen of its species as of February 1988, fell during Thursday’s wind storm.  The champion “Picea abies” Norway Spruce was located on Sharon and Paul duBois’ property (by the Drew graveyard). 


Where Can I Get Food/Supplies?

Food can be purchased at the Durham Marketplace (which not does have full power), in Downtown Durham along Main Street, and at Huddleston Hall and/or any UNH dining facility. UNH dining facilities are open to Durham residents.


Consider the MUB as an Option for a Warm Place to Visit

If residents have no heat and are interested in taking some time to explore the Memorial Union Building (MUB) on the UNH campus. Durham residents are welcome!   The MUB has WiFi, a food court, and more.


What is the Power Restoration Status for Durham?

Town officials have been in regular contact with PSNH on a daily basis during this power outage event.  Here is what is happening today in Durham, Monday, 3/1/10:


o       Seven PSNH line trucks were active Sunday evening into bringing a large section of Packers Falls Road back on line.

o       Trees were cleared by PSNH and Durham Public Works working together at Emerson and School House Lane.  The tree across Emerson was so large that DPW’s loader had to be called in to assist in the effort.

o       PSNH tree crews worked within the Woodridge and David Ave/Fairchild Drive neighborhoods last evening.

o       On Monday, PSNH crews were active on Durham Point Road, Emerson, and on lines leading to the Canney Farms neighborhood.

o       Durham Public Works assigned Assistant Director for Operations Doug Bullen to ride with a PSNH supervisor today negotiated the Town’s request to help better orientate line crews to the community.

o       Durham requested particular emphasis on the Beech Hill Road and Foss Farm Road areas to bring two of our large water distribution tanks back on line.  Both tanks are without power which has put stress on the joint Durham/UNH water distribution system.

o       Additional PSNH crews were being directed to Durham in an effort to accelerate the restoration here. 



Based upon the most up to date facts available, residents still with no power should plan to have NO power until the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe with the more remote areas of town or individual services not being restored until Wednesday or later of the coming week. 


The storm damage Durham has experienced is equivalent to last year’s ice storm as far as we can determine but unlike last year when there were only downed tree limbs – this year entire trees have fallen.  


The following is a list of roads without power in Durham (to the best of DPW’s knowledge as of 1 p.m. Monday, 3/1/10) which is offered for the sole purpose of giving residents a sense of the scale and scope of the outage experienced by Durham. 


Tall Pine Road

Lee Hook Road


Wiswall Road


Packers Falls Road

Sullivan Falls Road

Falls Way

Stone Wall Way

Constable Road


Bennett Road

Cold Spring Road


Longmarsh Road

Timber Brook Lane

Cutts Road

Frost Drive

Wincellar Road

Sandybrook Drive


Durham Point Road

Fox Hill Road

Deer Meadow Road

Mathes Cove Road

Langley Road

Colony Cove Road

Edgerly Garrison Road

Adams Point Road

Bay Road

Dame Road

Sunnyside Road

Pinecrest Lane

York Drive

Hamel Drive

Willey Road

Willey Creek Road

Denbow Road


#288 Newmarket Road

Stagecoach Road


Mill Road

Roysann Way

Worthen Road

Edendale Lane

Fogg Lane

Fogg Road

Fogg Drive

Meserve Road

Barrett Road

Woodridge Road

Moharimet Way

Hemlock Way

Foss Farm Road

Ryan Way

Orchard Drive

Stevens Way


Oyster River Road

Burnham Avenue

Mill Pond Road


Edgewood Road

Emerson Road


Fairchild Drive

Davis Avenue

Adams Circle

Rocky Lane


Beech Hill Road


Bagdad Road

Bucks Hill Road

Noble K. Peterson Drive

Strout Lane

Daisy Drive

Sumac Lane

Gerrish Drive

Ambler Way

Canney Road


Route 4/Piscataqua Road

Riverview Court

Riverview road

Shearwater Street

Razorbill Circle

Cormorant Circle

Williams Way

Morgan Way

Tirrell Place

Watson Road

Back River Road


Again, Durham officials are in regular contact with PSNH and state officials and we are stressing the need for resources here. 


Portable Generator Safety Information

Portable generators should be placed 10 feet from any structure, with the exhaust facing away from the building openings. Deadly exhaust fumes can enter the building through any opening resulting in severe injury or death to unsuspecting occupants.


o       Never place portable generators on or near combustible surfaces such as decks, porches, or tool sheds. Heat generated by the motor, or improper refueling methods can start a fire.

o       Never run portable generators inside any building, including basement areas and garages. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can build up in minutes injuring occupants with little to no warning.

o       Allow plenty of time to cool the generator before refueling. Gasoline vapors can easily ignite from hot surfaces causing a flash fire and severe injuries.

o       Always store approved gasoline containers a safe distance from generators while in


Is The Food In Your Refrigerator/Freezer Safe After Loss of Power?

The US Department of Agriculture recommends taking the following steps during and after a weather emergency involving loss of power:


  1. Never taste food to determine if it is safe.
  2. Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to maintain the cold temperature.
  3. The refrigerator will keep food safely cold for about 4 hours if it is unopened. A full freezer will hold the temperature approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full) and the door remains closed.
  4. Food can be safely refrozen if it still contains ice crystals or is at 40°F or below.
  5. Get block ice or dry ice to keep your refrigerator and freezer as cold as possible if the power is going to be out for an extended period of time.
  6. Discard refrigerated perishable food such as meat, poultry, fish, soft cheeses, milk, eggs, leftovers, and deli items after 4 hours without power.


Do You Need to Recharge Your Cell Phone?

If anyone needs to recharge their cell phones, the Durham Police Department is available on Dover Road.  Call 868-2324 for more information.


Road Closure Update - Monday
As of noon today, Monday, the following roadways were entirely or partially closed due to downed trees involved with power lines.  Sunnyside, School House Lane, Emerson Road (between Edgewood and Madbury Roads). 


What to Do with All That Brush?

Durham residents are welcome to bring their brush/storm debris to the Durham Gravel Pit on Packers Falls Road for disposal.  The gate to the facility is now open. 


Don’t Assume PSNH Knows You Have No Power!

To report a power outage, contact PSNH at 1-800-662-7764.  We recommend calling daily to ensure PSNH has the most accurate information about your residential power status.  During these storm events, PSNH works to reenergize areas of town neighborhood by neighborhood but they do not always know individual service lines to homes are down.  If an individual service is down, but a neighborhood has been “restored”, PSNH will not know you still do not have power – unless you let them know.


The Latest Report from PSNH for NH

About 90 percent of PSNH customers across New Hampshire affected by the wind storm have been restored since customer outages peaked Friday evening at 269,000. As of 4 p.m. today, PSNH reports that about 27,000 customers remain without power.

More than 600 crews are working across the state and PSNH estimates that service will be restored to 98 percent of NH customers (not
Durham customers) by midnight tonight. Pockets of customers in especially hard-hit areas are expected to be restored no later than midweek.

Customers who remain without power are encouraged to call PSNH at 1-800-662-7764 to confirm their outage information with the company.


o       PSNH reports that approximately 40% of Durham is still without power.


Be Sure to Check in on Neighbors Who May Need Assistance

Please take the time to touch base with your neighbors and/or friends within the community, particularly those who may need assistance, to ensure they are alright given the power outage.   If you know of someone who the Police or Fire Department should check in on as part of a wellness check, please call 868-2324. 



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