NH Energy Forum - Support balanced energy policies...Sign this Petition, Tell Congress to Support Expanded Domestic Production

I URGE YOU TO …Do Something

The New Hampshire Energy Forum is a resource for making your opinion count, and it is public opinion that we want to take to Congress.  Your participation is the key: sign our petition... tell others about us... or contact us (link above) saying you want to get more involved and a forum representative will contact you. Help us hold our legislators accountable for creating balanced energy policies for America, and to help this nation achieve long-term economic and energy security.

Support balanced energy policies that will deliver America’s energy security by signing the petition below.

I, the undersigned, as a citizen of the United States of America with residence in New Hampshire, petition this state’s elected officials to immediately prevent the imposition of additional taxes or fees on the energy industry, and to support a comprehensive national energy strategy that promotes the development of all forms of energy and recognizes that oil and natural gas will continue to play an important role in this nation’s energy future.

Increased taxes on the energy sector would threaten existing and new American jobs in the industry and its surrounding communities, discourage the domestic production of oil and natural gas, and contribute to the skyrocketing unemployment already harming millions of American families.  Additionally, these new taxes would increase our reliance on imported oil, threaten government revenue streams, harm energy consumers, and hamstring efforts to address climate change by discouraging the use of clean-burning natural gas.

I join the overwhelming majority of Americans who support expanded domestic production, as well as the oil and natural gas industry's role in improving the American economy, supporting American job creation, and strengthening our national energy security.

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