"Stimulus Facts": Where the Money Went

Veronique de Rugy, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, recently compiled report data from Recovery.gov and economic and political data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, and GovTrack.us, among others. It can be overwhelming to sort through the massive amounts of data on the stimulus, but she did it for us, and her resulting paper analyzes the disbursement of stimulus funds across state and district lines for the last quarter. We think your readers would find her analysis very interesting, especially as she considers how party affiliation affected stimulus spending.

Here are a few of the facts you will find in the report:
-Every job created or saved during this period cost an average of $285,814.61 per job.

-Democratic districts on average received 1.53 times the amount of rewards than Republican districts.

-Public entities are receiving fewer contracts, but there is a higher average dollar value on public awards.

If you'd like to read more or publish the content on your blog, you can download the PDF file here. The complete data set is also available:


Veronique also testified before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure with her findings. You can view the testimony here:


If you have any questions, or would like to speak to Veronique about her report, please feel free to contact NHInsider and we will get you the contact information.